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Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage is the second of two Dungeon & Dragons books set in Waterdeep.

It continues where the original game, Dragon Heist, left off, advancing characters who are at least 5 levels high all the way to level 20.

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The Yawning Portal is a tavern in Waterdeep that gets its name from the gaping chasm that can be found inside.

The convoluted dungeon hidden in this decaying shaft is avoided by everyone but the most daring explorers.

The Undermountain dungeon is owned by the deranged wizard Halaster Blackcloak. Mad Mage has long since made his home in these desolate caverns, filling it with creatures, traps, and riddles; yet, it is unclear why he did this.

Book Info:

Book Name:Waterdeep Dungeon Of The Mad Magic PDF
Authors:Wizards of the Coast
Release Date:20 November, 2018
Total Pages:256 Pages
Download Link:Available ✅

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(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Date Was Published Waterdeep dungeon of the mad magic?

20 November 2018 was the publication date

2. Who Is the Publisher of Waterdeep dungeon of the mad magic?

Wizards of the Coast is the company that publishes this game.

3. How Many Pages Are Included In the Waterdeep dungeon of the mad magic?

The total number of pages is 256

4. Is Character Sheet Included In Waterdeep Dungeon of The Mad Magic?

Yes! Characters sheets are available in the Waterdeep dungeon of the mad magic.

5. Are Waterdeep Dungeon of The Mad Magic Good DND?

Definitely Yes! Because there are so many entertaining hit points in this Waterdeep dungeon of mad magic.

One of the most well-known places in D&D is Waterdeep, also known as the City of Splendors.

It is the jewel of the Sword Coast—a vast melting pot held together by strict regulations and prompt justice—and the setting for the board game Lord of Waterdeep.

Characters in the game range in level from 5 to 20, picking up where Dragon Heist left off.