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Spelljammer: Adventures in Space:

Imagine a universe where square worlds revolve around jewel suns. Where planets are held in place by the roots of a huge oak tree whose leaves spin around brightly burning suns.

Where wooden ships move through the space between worlds and fight with catapults, ballistas, spells, and swords.

Where an asteroid might be a safe harbor, a slaver’s hideout, or a creature ready to eat anyone who comes by.

Where brave pirates and rogues race to find amazing riches and can touch the stars. Where scary creatures that can destroy whole worlds live.

Welcome . . . to the universe of Spelljammer!

(2e) Spelljammer: Adventures in Space

In the Spelljammer campaign, anything is possible. The only thing that stops you is how far your mind goes.

The power of their magical helms moves sailing ships through Wildspace, which is mostly empty.

Gravity is a question of convenience. A captain can tour the bottom of his ship, and worlds come in all shapes and sizes.

Whole solar systems are ringed by huge spheres made of a crystal-like material that can’t be broken. This is to protect them from an ocean of light and color called Phlogiston, which is flammable and fills the space between stars.


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